JRNL101 ASSIGNMENT #3 – Master Post

1 x 500 word profile of university student with a photographic portrait which focuses on interests outside of university; https://astefanovic3.wordpress.com/2015/05/31/not-many-people-can-say-they-were-chosen-to-tour-europe-at-22/ 2 aggregated/curated news 300 word posts dealing with issues in journalism and storytelling;
  https://astefanovic3.wordpress.com/2015/05/28/a-fair-go-do-our-ethos-mirror-our-stats/ https://astefanovic3.wordpress.com/2015/05/31/citizen-journalism-can-anyone-be-a-journalist/ 1 x 500 word news story which draws on original interviews (at least 4) with classmates on career aspirations and … Continue reading JRNL101 ASSIGNMENT #3 – Master Post

Not many people can say they were chosen to tour Europe at 22

Unlike most of his fellow 2010 undergraduates, Peter Stefanovic was not so elated with the prospect of studying the following year. However, he knew a degree in something would be an essential means to support his real passion; music. “The degree [Bachelor of Arts Majoring in History] is secondary, so it’s a means of supporting … Continue reading Not many people can say they were chosen to tour Europe at 22

Citizen Journalism – can anyone be a Journalist?

“Information is power, but misinformation and the ability to mislead can be equally powerful and potentially disastrous" As technology has proceeded to evolve so has the way in which news is reported including who is capable of reporting it. The idea that it is easy to become a journalist nowadays can be understood through the … Continue reading Citizen Journalism – can anyone be a Journalist?

Universally Speaking

For many first year journalism students looking to foreign correspondence, the interest with the job is parallel; travel. While intrigued with this aspect of the job, Brock Walsh believes travel is key to improving upon the way news overseas is reported in Australia. “There’s a lot more stuff going on outside Australia that is a … Continue reading Universally Speaking

Are we really a land of opportunity if we allow sexism to persist?

If you look up “sexism in the workforce” an array of articles on the gender inequality experienced by females will pop up. However, for an industry that reports on the sexism in other work environments, it fails to address this issue in its own. Sexism is a serious issue experience by female journalists. Dr Louise North … Continue reading Are we really a land of opportunity if we allow sexism to persist?

Vox Pop #2

As a first year student and new to UOW I was interested in what members of the UOW community do besides studying and learning. Hence my question 'What do you do in your spare time at Uni?' Here are the results.

Vox Pop #1

Being a first year student, there is still a lot of indecision for me as to what kind of job I would want to get with my degree, let alone whether I wish to continue with my current degree. Therefore I wanted to hear what my fellow first year people said when questioned "What kind … Continue reading Vox Pop #1

Student Profile JRNL101 ~ Lisa

"Radio business or working for a magazine" is the industry that eighteen year old Lisa is hoping to break into with her double degree in Journalism and Media and Communication. With a passion for music, Lisa stated; “I enjoy seeing as much as I can, experience as much as I can because I just love … Continue reading Student Profile JRNL101 ~ Lisa

Student Profile JRNL101 ~ Zoe

There is no one quite like Zoe, who is a vivacious and flamboyant Journalism student. Despite her choice of degree, her real passion presents itself in the environment. She would like to pursue this passion through an Earth and Environmental Science degree. Zoe not only loves immersing herself in nature but she loves to capture … Continue reading Student Profile JRNL101 ~ Zoe