BCM241 – Media forms and the Self

Like many children my imagination ran wild. I nurtured this imagination with friends, family or by myself. Looking back I think I was subconsciously addicted to, not escaping reality, but experiencing it through a different lense. In primary school my friends and I were obsessed with Harry Potter and would adopt the characters as our playground personas. We used our imagination to divert from the plot line and create our own, be it through ‘acting’ or even sending tea stained letters to each other. The Harry Potter movies fuelled our creativity on another level, and became a key part of my primary school experience.
In my spare time I would make my own paper dolls or conjure up and illustrate short stories and comic books using dad’s old notepads. I did not really plan the content, I just let my thoughts flow. Painting and playing the piano were favourite pastimes. I used these things to preoccupy my mind and to nurture my skills and creativity.

In year 8 I created a Facebook account. I remember only checking my account once a day and then as time progressed I realised I could check it as often as I liked. It became a distraction, and to this day it has harboured a lot of laziness and unhealthy procrastination within myself. I hardly paint and rarely play the piano. My skills have halted as when I feel bored I check into social media. I have stopped utilising my mind for imagination and creativity and I really hate it.  A quick, hour-long dopamine hit seems to be the reason I keep returning, which is sad, but this story is not unique. You do not need articles to back up this personal recount; there are a myriad of them out there.

Children today are increasingly co-parented by digital devices, which only encourages dependence on technology for preoccupation, abolishing the ability to think and entertain oneself from a young age.

Our interaction with media forms will continue to evolve throughout our lives and subconsciously shape who we are.
Social media halted my personal development and after interacting with it I feel unaccomplished, cloudy, sad and distracted.
This is unlike me when I am writing, researching, painting or doing something stimulating.
Awareness births the opportunity to change.

Based on the kind of person you want to become, what media forms will you let into your life?


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