Week 12

I showed Gregor my ‘UP’ logo idea and he said that using a word at the front of it such as ‘Stand UP’ would flow better with using the word ‘UP’ interchangeably.

Spoke with Gregor about translating my posters in a more obvious way to my audience. He suggested that framing them as promotional advertisements for an international fashion event to raise awareness about climate change would be the most effective in doing this.

In this way, ‘Fashion Week for Climate Change’ could be used as the event for the ‘Stand UP’ movement.

Working on framing my posters as advertisements in magazines such as Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, SOMA and Vogue.

Harpers Bazaar

harpers bazaar


Interesting use of text to convey an image or a letter.

Marie Claire


The letterform is used to boldly introduce the subject of the cover story – utilises subjects initials. The size of this is balanced by the adjacent image.

marie claire3marie claire2

A common trend with these magazines is that the subject image takes up an entire page. The body font is either classic format or slightly breaks convention.



Small amount of text amongst imagery. Colour of text is informed by image content.



vogue5.jpgVogue utilises the ‘giant lone letter’ aesthetic for its double page spread layouts. This is balanced out with a larger image adjacent to the letterform. In this way, a simple layout is achieved, with minimal body text that effectively attracts the eye and grasps audiences attention. Minimal colour palette (black and white, and occasionally, a pop of colour) is very popular.

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