Week 10

I need to make the message that is being presented simpler so that I am not confusing my audience.

I am redesigning advertisement 1 to make it simpler so that there is more of a focus on the ‘product’ e.g. close up of model holding fire extinguisher (like a Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume bottle) with a burning forest occurring behind her.

marc jacobs6.jpg


I have decided to appropriate this imagery (the hands) directly in my own advertisement. Their quality isn’t too good, but at this point I am getting the rough idea together for how this would work out.

In order to make the magazine idea relevant, I feel my posters (considering the direction they are beginning to take) would be better as advertisements in the magazines, as opposed to covers.

Since my advertisements are promoting climate change, they would be most relevant in magazines such as ‘Vogue’, ‘Harpers Bazaar’ and ‘SOMA’. I have seen Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ advertisement in many Vogue and Harpers Bazaar magazines, so I feel this approach will work well. The values within my advertisements somewhat correlate with the ones in ‘Daisy’, when looking at them from a selling point.

To ensure my message isn’t getting lost, I have experimented with the product being sold:




Critical incident: I decided to ‘aestheticise’ the product by turning it into an item that symbolises beauty in order to make it widely marketable. It keeps with the theme of bush fires and hints at adapting to their prevalence by ‘masking’ the strong odor (yet not dealing with the issue directly).

Text could include:

  • ‘The new summer fragrance to mask any powerful odor’
  • ‘With an increase in bush fires, use ____ to mask powerful odors this summer.’

I need to work on making these taglines more simple, choppy and applicable to my other poster.


I added a ‘fire’ emoji to mirror the language that a lot of millennial’s use today. However, I think this makes the poster too confusing as there is already a lot to unpack, without Mr. Emoji.

The following images show my experimentation with different ideas:

Ad 2:


This depicts my ‘earthquake proof’ shoes idea in different style. The first image would show an earthquake starting from the woman’s foot. However, I feel I am more drawn to the third image and the idea of the model, ‘stepping over’ the earthquake with ease. I feel it deals with the idea of adaptation to the climate change issue, through the product. The pattern in the background of the third image is meant to be the cracks caused by the earthquake, spreading out and consuming the rest of its surroundings. This needs to be experimented with more in order to effectively demonstrate this.

Ad 3:


Ad 4:


ad4 page2.jpg

Ad 5:



This idea saw me experimenting with the issue of rising temperatures and flooding by promoting a product that makes hair stronger. The ad would position hair as having the power/strength to save lives. A ‘plait’ would be depicted as the bridge that leads people to safety over the rapid floods. Another idea could depict the hair being used by people as a swing rope from one platform to the other to avoid danger.

Text ideas could include:

  • ‘Hair that saves lives’
  • ‘With floods on a ___% rise, it is more important than ever to have strong strands that can save lives!’





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