Week 9

After speaking with Gregor, I have been advised to re-think the angling of my project.
My initial concept was to highlight the seriousness of climate change and reference 50’s advertising by using women to sell products. The whole point of showing a glamorous woman, selling products to combat climate change was to highlight the ridiculousness of this whole situation. This kind of tactic to sell something is what a lot of big companies do to make money e.g. 50s advertising using women to sell cigarettes.

Critical incident: Gregor suggested focusing on 3 advertisements and then translating them as covers for certain magazines. The choice of magazine cover will depend on the approach I want to take (e.g. serious or satirical).
A serious approach to climate change could be presented on magazines such as Time (2050’s backyard essentials (article: what you can do to minimise this from becoming our future)/fight or flight climate change OR The Future of our World or The new/future face of Climate Change)or National Geographic. A more satirical approach to climate change could be shown on magazines such as Vogue, Tatler, Papercut magazine, Harpers Bazaar, SOMA, Antonio Lopez magazine covers, Marie Claire (enjoy mother nature’s toasty backyard fire while you enjoy a cup of tea with your friends this winter!) OR (enjoy the best of what mother nature has to offer as you enjoy a cup of tea with your girls!) or other fashion and beauty based publications.

I have decided not to brand the advertisements with a kind of organisation e.g. eco-friendly, or multi-billion dollar company.

In order to follow my timeline, I have temporarily moved on from my first advertisement and have begun conceptualising my second.


The idea is to sell ‘earthquake proof’ shoes:


This image depicts a few different ideas on how to go about this. I feel the idea with the model stepping over the crack in the earth will be most effective from a ‘selling’ standpoint.

Texts could include:

  • ‘Fatality proof shoes’
  • ‘Earthquake resistant’

I have begun looking at ideas for such shoes:

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 3.12.35 pm.png
Screen grab of Lady Gaga in Bad Romance video clip, 2009, 3:30.

I want to depict shoes that look unusual and larger than the model to stress the ridiculousness of the advertisement, and reinforce its framing as a satirical piece.

Ideas for the kind of stance the model will have over the earthquake can be seen below:

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 3.09.44 pm.png
Screen grab of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video clip, 2009
Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 3.10.24 pm.png
Screen grab of Lady Gaga in Bad Romance video clip, 2009

I have experimented with clipping masks in order to create the appearance of an earthquake in a more collage style:


The only issue with the photo used is the low quality. As I aim to make one of my advertisements A2 size, I need to make sure the image quality will allow this successfully i.e. no pixelation.

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