Week 8

Not enough work was done on my project this week.

I have thought about collateral and considered creating a calendar as a form of promotional activity for the brand. The calendar could work as a gif or motion graphic, to show the climate change worsening as time (the months) progresses and then the products seeping into the environment to help ‘manage’ the situation.

I was also introduced to Tom Whalen and his illustrative works today. Gregor suggested his illustrative style was similar to mine and that I look at his style as a source of inspiration.

Whalen, T 2012-2018, beatle: yellow submarine: meanie variant, vector image, Deviant Art, viewed 12 September 2018
Whalen, T 2011-2018, maniac poster, vector image, Deviant Art, viewed 12 September 2018

I definitely love how minimal and clean Whalen’s designs are, and I think this may flow nicely with my intent to collage. Seeing as collage incorporates a lot of different elements and styles, simple vector illustrations will ensure that the entire composition is not too overwhelming.

I have felt stuck again with my project this week, feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the potential directions it could go in.

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