Week 6

The first critical moment this week occurred when Gregor suggested that I consider creating advertisements for a climate change based organisation that already exists, including purpose.com. Other organisations I found include:

  • Climate Action Network Australia;
  • 350 Australia or 350, for international version;
  • Friends of the Earth; and
  • The Climate Coalition.

This has been critical as this has taught me to broaden my perspective and think differently about my project. I think it is a great idea, except the fact that all these organisations have the same clean and to-the-point imagery. I aim to make my visuals a little more rough and raw, which may clash with the image of these organisations.
If I design my own organisation, I would like the raw form of visual communication to carry across my branding, whether that be on my website, in my logo etc.

Additionally, Gregor pointed me in the direction of artists such as Peter Kennard, who work with photomontage and appropriation to form political and/or cultural messages.

Kennard, P 1983, Defended to Death, photomontage, Gelatin silver, cibachrome print,
gouache and ink on card, viewed 31 August, 2018.

Kennard’s common use of black and white is also very appealing.

It has made me reconsider the power of black and white layered imagery in creating a powerful, and thought provoking, visual composition.

Another critical moment is that a level of clarity has been achieved with my project.
The conceptual processes I will be working with include collage, layering, photo graphics and illustrations.
It will reference the classic imagery seen in advertising from the 1950s e.g. mad men inspired visuals of glamour. This imagery will be mashed up with other content that is relevant to each climate change issue e.g. melting glaciers and rising water levels due to fossil fuels and greenhouse emissions, hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides and drought.
I aim to create between 4 – 5 advertisements, each focusing on one of these issues.
The tagline content will change with each advertisement (if used) however the typography will remain the same for consistency.

A strict colour palette has not been decided and I am not sure if there will be one.
Typography is still a work in progress, however, I would like to use something with a digital aesthetic to communicate that we are in the midst of the internet age, yet the information regarding hard facts about climate change, does not seem to be hitting us yet.

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