Week 5

At the beginning of the week I hit a road block and felt that I was not sure about my project and the direction I wanted to take. The project proposal took me far too long to do because I was overthinking my concept.

I had multiple ideas including:

  • an advertisement campaign to encourage women to attend self-defence classes; or
  • anti-violence campaign with the grandparents as the main influential factor of the ads e.g. would you do/say this to you grandparents? What would your grandparents say? Etc; or
  • ‘how to….’ Ironic and satirical posters or short stories that initially target a ‘bad’ audience but, through the information provided, are actually telling ‘good’ people how to avoid these situations e.g. ‘How to rob someone’ would be a poster or booklet that informs people how to rob someone, what clothes to wear for particular levels of theft crimes, where to hide etc.; or
  • an anti-beauty campaign that presents people in an unhealthy way but surrounded by positive text e.g. “Notice weight reduction in just 1 week after using this product!”; or
  • carry on my missing persons campaign idea and extend it to become an organisation with a website, online and print publication etc.

After speaking with my family members I hit a critical point. I decided to stick with my idea regarding climate change, and show the issues associated with it, happening on the models body/face and affecting it. The model would be depicted trying to cover up the natural disasters with cosmetics. By integrating cosmetics, I’m commenting on human vanity and the covering up of the real state of the person (the world) and not dealing with it directly. Cosmetics could be used as the bridge that connects humans to climate change on a more relatable level.

Ultimately, I will be glamorising climate change in the same way 1950s posters would use attractive models to glamorise unhealthy habits or mindsets.

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