Week 2

Reading the highway motor vehicle processes was critical in the formation of my initial ideas.
Current issues that are concerning me include global warming, pollution and the destruction of the earth in general. It seems that young people care more about celebrities than they do about politics and climate change.

I’d like to create advertisements where 10 different global issues are being represented and have a ‘model/celebrity’ figure wearing this issue, as if selling it like a product. However, the issue is still prominent and problematic. This would be done in a collage style, similar to April Greiman, the ‘Divoka Planeta’ advertisement etc.

Greiman, A, Make Me Up, image, viewed 10th August 2018, < http://design.uh.edu/~cespinas/aprilgreiman/works.html >.
Divoka Planeta.jpg
Topor, R 1973, ‘Divoka Planeta’ (Fantastic Planet), image retrieved from Tres Bohemes, viewed 10th August 2018, < http://www.tresbohemes.com/2017/02/fantastic-planet-divoka-planeta/ >. 

Another potential idea is that the issues could be turned into some kind of pattern that could be used for branding.

This week the critical incidents for me occurred after reading the highway motor vehicle processes as well as the research that followed that. This has contributed to providing me with more clarity regarding my major project, including the style I would like to reference – collage.

Overall the message within my major project will be about online media, advertising and the manufacturing of deceit and distraction. By doing this, I want to provoke the active reader in my audience.

No visual representation of design development this week, just researching and brainstorming ideas.

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