Game Prototyping – phase 1

Give an account of the narrative and story of the group game being prototyped in class.

Olivia and I began prototyping a role playing card game where two groups (6 players max per group) compete against each other. One person plays a neutral mediator whose role is to watch each group play out 4 mini rounds of scenarios and decide who wins at the end based on how many mini rounds were won by the groups.
If there is an even amount of mini rounds won by each group then the game must go into a sudden death round.

The two groups must come up with a scenario each based on the cards that they are dealt. As a rough example, these cards per group may include:

  • 6 setting cards e.g. woods, club, church, hospital, shopping centres, beach
  • 24 object cards e.g. milk bottles, boat, rope, cheese, cricket bat, ball etc.
  • 6 character cards – character traits categorised by negative and positive qualities
  • 10 corruption cards – can be used to bring out the negative traits of a characters which will sabotage their game play, resulting in point loss

The game would go by the following mechanics:

  1. Beginning

Two groups are formed with a maximum of six players each. From a pile of twelve character cards group members select one each. The mediator chooses one setting card. New setting cards are chosen per mini round, allowing each group to come up with a new scenario in which they will try to display the positive traits of their character e.g. Barbara the erratic, vegan hippy is in the woods doing yoga with her other group members. She is happy and in a stable and controlled environment etc. The objective of the scenarios is to display some of the positive traits of each character and avoid the negative traits coming through. IF they do, this will result in point loss, which could then result in the group losing that mini round.

2. Middle

Each group get turns at picking up from the object cards pile. They can use these objects as part of their scenario. Based on which group scenario the mediator believes has won a mini round that group will be able to choose 1 corruption card from the pile to use against the opposing group in their next scenario e.g. Barbara the erratic, vegan hippy is enjoying her yoga in the woods until someone from the other team triggers her erratic behaviour by pouring milk over her = – 4 points

3. End

Based on which team has won the most mini rounds, that team is crowned the winners. If there has been an even amount of mini games won then the two groups must engage in a sudden death round to decide which team is the overall winner.

This is the rough idea of the game. We are not sure yet if we want to continue on with it but if we do we plan to organise a group of people to play the game, film it and present it to the class in order to provide an insight into how the game would unfold in the real world.



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