Provide an analysis of a board game played during class. Focus on game developer, publisher, theme, mechanics, rules and personal experience.

Kingdomino is a fun board game that can be enjoyed by 2-4 people and usually takes 15-20 minutes to play. It was designed by Bruno Cathala and published by Blue Orange Games in 2016.
The theme of the game is medieval with each player represented by four different coloured castles; blue, pink, green and yellow.

Kingdomino (2016)

The game itself does not have a narrative or storyline. It is a game structured off mechanics, which are as follows.
During each game, a pile of dominos are used (24 dominos are given to each player). Every round, four dominos are taken from the piles (1 domino per pile), placed in the centre of the table and are ordered from the highest to lowest numbers:


The dominos are then flipped to reveal the terrains on the other side.

In the land of Kingdomino, there are six different types of terrain:

  1. Grass fields
  2. Wheat fields
  3. Mines
  4. Bogs
  5. Forests
  6. Lakes

Two of these different terrains are represented on one domino at a time e.g.:

Players must build a five x five kingdom using these domino pieces. One end of the dominos may have a number of crowns on it. If you choose a tile with the highest point count on the back, then this player will have the last choice for choosing a tile in the next round. If they choose the domino with the least amount of points on the back then they are awarded first choice in the following round and so on.

Player 1 (green) has chosen card with highest point count (far left) meaning they must go last in the next round. Player 2 (pink) has chosen the card with the least point count (far right, loser card) meaning they can go first in the next round.

Ultimately, the aim is to match up one of the domino ends with a matching terrain on another domino piece. However, if you match up your terrain with a similar domino that has crowns on it, this can double or triple your score.

Sorry for povo picture quality

Example 1: The lake has 2 crowns in between 5 squares, which makes each of the 5 square worth 2 points. Therefore, 2 x 5 = 10.

Score Total: 31

Example 2: the mines have two crowns on each square. Therefore 4 crowns x 2 squares = 8.
If your terrain has no crowns in it, it is worth nothing.

Initially, it took us a while to understand how to play the game, mainly because we found that the instruction manual went a little too far into detail which overcomplicated it for us. Regardless, we enjoyed the game and played three rounds, two of which I came out the superior *hearty chuckle*.

A proud Olive shows of her hefty score of 35 points. She beat me in this round…*screams internally*.

This game is available online or at EB games for $28.00.

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