Emoji; A valid form of communication?

Rapid technological development has seen the human race become increasingly dependent on technology. We rely on it to help us get by, to further simplify our basic daily functions e.g. communicating with people.

Is this dangerous? No doubt it may be encouraging a generation of laziness and people with an increasing lack of ability to deal with basic problems.

Exhibit A: The parent with their screaming child on public transport becomes frazzled and quickly hands over their phone to keep the child occupied for a while. The problem is avoided completely because technology is relied upon to fix it.

Exhibit B: For the introverted teen, their second life in cyberspace, is much more desirable and comforting. Either way, when they’re at home or out in public, their mobile provides more opportunity for less face-to-face confrontation.

Once again, the problem is avoided as technology is relied upon to deal with it.

Exhibit C: Person A is in a bit of a pickle; they can’t seem to think of the right words to say to Person B. Luckily they have emoji to help them with this conundrum! They pick a bunch of emoji’s that cohesively express what they are feeling for Person B, and this is the result:


This may seen far fetched but, is it a possibility for emoji’s to become a new kind of language, in the same way that jargon or slang are for subcultures or groups?

Technology has been effectively simplifying our lives since ARPAnet, one of the first networks that became the foundation of the internet. During its second year of operation, people began using it as an electronic post office, where its main traffic became ‘news and personal messages.‘ (p.2). Ultimately the age of the internet commenced and the days of sending letters began to rapidly decline.

Since that time, we have transitioned from letters to phone calls to emails to texts, followed by simplified texts and slang to emoji’s.


In no way am I bashing technological progression. I think it is incredible and, in most cases, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. But what if the cons hold more serious effects on us as humans?
What if, over time, the 6,500 spoken languages in the world today were to be minimised to one?

Will nodes function solely as mass facilitators of emojis?

Crazy, I know.
I’m sure the person who said “Oh yeah, emoji’s will have their own movie one day.” was seen as crazy too, right?



Is this really what thousands of years of human communication is coming down to?

I hope not.



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