Entry 9: Progress

Our transfer to WIX is going well. We have the rough set up and structure to our website now and at this point all we need to do is implement all of the necessary information and images. These include:

  • male and female dogs for sale symbols:


  • male and female dogs/puppies for sale images;
  • sponsors/recommended brands in footer;
  • M&M Enterprises (now being labelled ‘Our Friends’);
  • culled information that was on the original site; and
  • other various images.

Currently our banner is in full motion, and we have figured out how to make our gif function on the site:

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 11.50.51 pm

We are also utilising anchor points and breadcrumb navigation.

We were going to implement loading screen gifs but we could not see the purpose of this.

There are still many adjustments that need to take place including the font colouring in ‘Siberians of the Heartland’; we still figuring out how to reverse this so that black is on the bottom and white is on the top. We also need to adjust the size of the ‘Take Me Home!’ button, located in the top right hand corner so that the font is more legible.

The colours palette is also not set in stone and a few more iterations will hopefully lead us to our final prototype before due date.

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