Entry 7: Progress

Our group began prototyping the structure and format of our website via Adobe Muse:

  • Home page: A simple hero banner with American Flag (clipping mask of american flag with shape of the country – integrates and re-establishes the strong focus on identity that was evident in the original site). Will also feature our logo and name of the website; e.g.


  • As you scroll down there will be an introduction of the site, followed by images that act as the global navigation to the core levels of the site e.g. ‘About Us’, ‘Adults for Sale’, ‘Puppies for Sale’, ‘Lost’, ‘Useful Information’, ‘Our Friends’, ‘Contact Us’ et.c
  • Loading page: incorporates gif of dog running across the page or paw prints going across the page
  • To bring out the personal and intimate relationship the owners have with their huskies, we have turned the conventional shopping cart item into one that features a person walking a husky. The words ‘Take me home’ we feel, contributed to capturing the personal relationship that is evident between the owners and their dogs in the original website.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 7.40.55 am

This helped us to visually see the structure of our website and how it would function. Considering this progress, we are now able to plan our next steps towards creating our website.


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