Entry 5: Progress

We have decided to add a homepage to our website. The homepage will integrate the key elements of patriotism, quirkiness and family that the original website integrates:


The images will act as hyperlinks to different sections of the website e.g.

  • home
  • history
  • adults for sale
  • puppies for sale
  • useful information
  • contact us

A footer will be at the bottom of the homepage and the title ‘Siberians of the Heartland’ will be ‘burned’ into the wood to create that ‘farm’, ‘rural’ aesthetic.

The American flag may stay as a consistent background throughout the website but made less noticeable (perhaps b&w colour) so it does not distract the viewer from the information or make information hard to read.

The logo will be a simple gif; side profile of a husky with tongue popping out and eye opening and closing. The name of the business ‘Siberians of the Heartland’ will be integrated into this logo.

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