Digital Artefact; Update

As of this point I have hit a road block with my digital artefact.

My artefact is based heavily on audience involvement. The problem is, I do not have a readily available audience waiting for me to make the first post of my digital artefact. I now need to think of a way in which to make my artefact readily available and interactive so to ensure audience participation.

My ideas on how to present my digital artefacts are as follows (the basic core of my artefact is that it is based off crime stories with the aim of figuring out who the suspect is):

  • Create a website using wordpress with hyperlinks that lead the audience to more information, potentially using various platforms e.g. reddit. I would share it via facebook and twitter to initiate a following.
  • Create an instagram with the subject of focus in the crime varying e.g. each day a photo of a victim is uploaded with a description of what happened, hashtags at the bottom of the description detailing the suspects of the crime – audience participation comes from entering in the comments section who they think the killer is via hashtag. Hashtags could also include #crime #crimecase #detective to help spread the content and filter it specifically to users interested in crime cases. Could use PR codes e.g. upload a photo the next day of the killer, revealed by audience interacting with the QR code to figure out who it is.
  • Create a series of YouTube videos with each video detailing the case and a certain factor/clue of the case i.e. weapon, victim etc. At the end of the video people can click on two links that can take them to different paths, aimed at solving the case e.g. “click on the left link if you believe the killer used a knife, or click on the right link if you believed the killer used a gun” OR use QR codes “click on the link to discover who the killer is, see if you got it right” – scan QR code and tadaaa etc. The links could lead to other videos, prezi’s, sub-reddits etc.

At this point I am at an end with ideas, so PLEASE comment below what you think or if there are any other angles I could look at this from. Any advice (even psychological help) I will accept graciously.





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